Safer Space

*Safer Space Policy

Law & Disorder Collective recognizes that issues of privilege and oppression exist in society both socially and institutionally. Through education, skill-sharing and advocacy, we work to create a safer and accessible space that values and builds common understanding and solidarity. We strive to make the conference welcoming, engaging and supportive to everyone by asking conference organizers and participants to be conscious of their words and actions. All forms of aggression based on one’s age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, class, race, ethnicity, or ability will not be tolerated. In accordance with this safer space policy, if anyone in attendance feels that the group space is unsafe or oppressive, we encourage participants to address the situation directly and immediately themselves or with the assistance of conference organizers. If the situation needs further assistance, the conference’s volunteers and organizers will attempt to assist. If the oppressive behavior persists, the person/s will be asked to leave the space immediately. 

*This Safer Space Policy is constantly being revamped and we are currently updating it as we are in the process of getting feedback from folks in the community.   


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